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Career Launcher Bootcamp Webinar Series

Join our LIVE Career Launcher Bootcamp Webinar Series! A step-by-step live webinar series (one session a week for four weeks) to help you kick off and conduct your job search with confidence! Includes:

  • A fast-paced, information filled month of in-depth job search and career strategy training.

  • LIVE coaching, worksheets, and downloads to guide you on your career journey.

  • Lifetime access to all live recordings.

  • Serious cheerleading, motivation and encouragement.


WEEK 1:  Job Search Preparation & Structure


Our first session starts you off strong. Learn everything from how to build your resume, LinkedIn, and personal website to writing cover letters, structuring your job search, researching and networking, applying to jobs and how to follow up! This session will give you direction, motivation, clarity and specific steps to take to kick off your job search like a pro. 


WEEK 2: Get Your Questions Answered

Week one is so packed with info and you will walk away with a lot of work to do to get prepped for your job search. You will have questions. Probably LOTS of them. Keep track of everything you need clarity on. Big or small. We'll share questions as a group and everyone will learn from each other's questions and best answers. We'll also review examples of great resumes, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters for inspiration.


WEEK 3: Interview Preparation, Interview Tips, Follow Up & Negotiation

You got an interview! Fantastic. Now you need to learn how to best prepare for the interview, tips on phone and video interviewing, how to follow up with recruiters and hiring managers, how to ask for the job, how to answer the salary question and how to negotiate!


Week 4: How to Start Your New Job off Strong and Ace your First Performance Review

You got the job! What a thrill. Now learn how to start your career off on the right foot. Build a 30/60/90 day plan for a strong start and plan and track your growth and accomplishments all year for a glowing first year's performance review!

Career Launcher Bootcamp Webinar Series

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