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5 Things New Graduates Should Never Say in an Interview

Here are 5 things that you should never say during a job interview, even if you are nervous or stressed, steer clear of these deal-breakers.

 5 Things New Graduates Should Never Say in an Interview

So it’s time for you to go in for your first job interview and you think you are ready? Think again.

I’ve found that most job candidates practice what to say in an interview, but never think about what not to say.

The truth? There are some things that you should keep to yourself. Things that will not only severely hurt your chances of landing the job, but also plant seeds of doubt in your potential employer’s mind.

The goal of any interview is to show your interviewer that not only do you fit into their company culture, but that you also have the right set of skills, personality, and passion to do the job.

To help you out, here are things you should never, ever, say in an interview. Even if you are nervous or stressed, steer clear of these 5 deal breakers.

5 Things New Graduates Should Never Say in an Interview

#1 “What do you do here?”

If you’ve done your research, you should know exactly what they do. If you ask this question, the employer will instantly assume that you didn’t do your due diligence and that this job interview isn’t your top priority. Come prepared with as much knowledge about the company as you can

#2 “What’s salary can I expect?”

Although this is an important question, you don’t want to ask this out the gate. Save this for later. Priority should be letting the interviewer know how much you love the company and how much value you can offer. Once you’ve proven that, compensation chats can come next.

#3 “I'm really nervous right now.”

An interviewer wants to hire someone who is confident and deals well with stress. So even if you are screaming inside, hold it in. Keep your composure and don’t share with the interviewer that you are nervous or stressed, even if you’ve bonded with them and feel like you can be honest.

#4 “I see myself as an entrepreneur.”

It’s great that one day you want to be a business owner, but when you are in an interview your potential employer wants to know that you are going to be here for the long run. The idea that you are just applying so you can get paid so you can launch your own thing is a major red flag.

#5 “I don’t have any questions.”

When your interviewer asks you if you have any questions, this is an amazing chance to show how much research you’ve done on their company, and how excited you are about the position. Saying you have no question says that you just were not interested enough in their company to bother.

#5 “I really hate my job.”

The minute these words leave your mouth in an interview is the minute the interviewer will think you are a complainer. You don’t want to give the impression that you are a negative employee who is going to taint the company culture and work environment. Instead, if they ask about your current or previous employee, stay neutral and explain what positive experiences you’ve received and how they can be applied to this position.

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